03 Oct 2023

Last update 26 / 03 / 2023

Vision,Message, and Quality Criteria


To become one of the leading modern statistical institutes worldwide.


To provide statistical information at the highest quality level on the main phenomena of the country’s society, economy and environment.

Our Quality dimensions:

a. relevance: 

which refers to the degree to which Statistics meet current and potential needs of the users;

b. accuracy:

which refers to the closeness of estimates to the unknown true values;

c. timeliness:

which refers to the period between the availability of the information and the event or phenomenon it describes;

d. punctuality:

 which refers to the fact that statistical releases should be published on the dates and times pre-announced in the statistical release calendar;

e. accessibility:

and ‘clarity’, which refer to the conditions and modalities by which users can obtain, use and interpret data;

f. comparability:

which refers to the measurement of the impact of differences in applied statistical concepts, measurement tools and procedures where Statistics are compared between geographical areas, sectoral domains or over time;

g. coherence:

which refers to the adequacy of the data to be reliably combined in different ways and for various uses.

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