04 Oct 2023

Last update 12 / 07 / 2023

Violence Against Children Survey

Survey definition 


This survey, which covers all thirteen administrative regions of Saudi Arabia, is an essential source for obtaining a number of child protection indicators that meet local, regional and international needs and the needs of planners, development policy-makers and decision-makers.


Survey Objectives 



  • Identify the demographics of children who have been subject to child abuse.

  • Measure the prevalence of violence against children of all kinds, including (physical and psychological violence).

  • Nurture relevant international indicators.

  • Provide feedback to civil society organizations (CSOs) for child protection.

  • Develop appropriate regulatory frameworks and policies on child labor.


Key Concepts 



Child caregiver:

Permanent caregiver of the child.



Psychological aggression:

It is a behavior that causes psychological pain.



Corporal or physical punishment:

It is a behavior that causes pain and physical injury.


Child labor:

Children engaged in work, whether paid or unpaid, in a primary occupation that occupies most of the time.




Who is the survey data provider?

The child is never interviewed, instead, the child’s primary caregiver is the data provider.


Are there children at the age of five engaged in child labor?

Yes, for those who live in a small village and in a low-income or poor family.



Why is this child chosen to be a sample of the survey?

The child is randomly selected through the system.



Privacy policy


Data privacy, safety, and security :

The General Authority for Statistics places the confidentiality of the data collected and processed at the top of the priority list, in accordance with the kingdom’s Law of National Statistics, issued by Royal Decree No.: (23) dated 7/12/1379 AH, as well as in accordance with international standards. GASTAT implements surveys and censuses, conducts studies and researches, analyzes and documents data and information for development purposes and strategic planning.


Purpose of privacy notice :

The Privacy Notice was prepared to understand how the personal data collected are handled and to understand the purpose of the data collection and processing. It is necessary for you to be aware of how GASTAT uses your personal data, and your rights regarding the processing of your personal data, in accordance with the relevant regulations and legislation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Responsibility :

The data provider must constantly review the “Privacy Notice” to ensure if there are any updates to it, bearing in mind that GASTAT is not obligated and required to announce any updates made to this notice. Providing you with the data signifies your acceptance of its accuracy and your knowledge of it.


What are the collected personal data?

Various types of personal data and information is collected, which cover all aspects of life in the Kingdom: (demographic, social, economic, environmental, and cultural), including but not limited to:

Full name, age/date of birth, sex, address, contact information (e.g.: email address and phone numbers), ID number, marital status, current job information, previous job information, information about dependents/spouse//family.


How are the personal data collected?

Personal data is collected and obtained "directly or indirectly", through the use of various methods, and may include:

       Direct methods of obtaining personal data:


No, as GASTAT is committed to maintaining the privacy of personal data for all residents of the Kingdom and does not publish it. GASTAT follows the data sharing controls approved by the regulatory entities as well. It is also committed to applying strict and firm measures for data confidentiality and non-disclosure.



Why does GASTAT collect and use personal data?

Through collecting data, GASTAT aims to produce official statistics that serve the public interest. This means that any personal data collected, whether about the same person or on behalf of another person, will be used for statistical purposes and to produce official statistics.


Does GASTAT share personal data?

Cookies data, Cookies collect data on how you use GASTAT website, including the date and time of your visit, and the type of the Internet browser you use. Indirect methods of obtaining personal data: Field visit to the household or establishment by GASTAT employees or representatives. A phone call by GASTAT employees through the Statistical phone # (920020018). Self-enumeration for individuals and establishments through GASTAT website.



Dates of data collection


Start of data collection: 07/05/2023

End of data collection:  01/06/2023


Data collection methods


The data collection method in this survey is a telephone contact (CATI), where data collection is done through the child's caregiver. 



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