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GaStat: The Total number of Pilgrims for the Hajj Season of 1437H is (1,862,909)

GaStat: The Total number of Pilgrims for the Hajj Season of 1437H is (1,862,909)
On Sunday, the ninth of Dhu AlHijjah, the General Authority for Statistics announced the outcomes of the Hajj statistics for the year of 1437H. 
The total number of pilgrims has reached (1,862,909), (1,325,372) of them are from outside the Kingdom. Whereas, the domestic pilgrims are (537,537), and the vast majority of them are non-Saudi residents, (207,425) of them came to Makkah from other cities inside Saudi Arabia, and (330,112) are from inside Makkah.
The total number of non-Saudi pilgrims is (1,692,417), whereas the Saudis are (170,492). 
The total male pilgrims are (1,082,228), and the total female pilgrims are (780,681).
GaStat counted the pilgrims arriving to Makkah city from inside Saudi Arabia, either Saudis or non-Saudi, through the Hajj Statistics' centers located on the entrances of Makkah. The percentage of pilgrims coming to Makkah from inside Saudi Arabia through: Jeddah/Makkah highway has reached (35,5%), Alsail/Makkah road (28,5%), Medina/Makkah road (21%). And the last three roads which are: South/Makkah road, Alta'if/Makkah and old Jeddah/Makkah road has reached (15%).
In terms of days of arrival for pilgrims coming from inside Saudi Arabia, the last three days, 7th, 8th, and 9th of Dhu alHijjah, has witnessed (80%) of total number of pilgrims coming to Makkah. In terms of the number of cars carrying domestic pilgrims to Makkah , it has reached (29,169).
For more details regarding the numbers of pilgrims for the year of 1437H, you can visit GaStat's website (stats.gov.sa).​