Sat, 28 03 1439 | 16 Dec 2017

GaStat: Cost of living index declines in October 2017

On Tuesday the 3rd of Rabe’a first 1439H corresponding 21st of November 2017, the general authority for statistics (GaStat) has issued the cost of living index’ monthly report for the month of October. The report has been published on the official website of the authority ,  as the cost of living index has registered a decline by 0.2% in October 2107 compared to last month (September 2017). 
The monthly report which was issued by GaStat clarified that the cost of living index in Saudi Arabia has recorded (137.5) in October 2017 which is a decline by 0.2% compared to September 2017 during which it recorded (137.8). 
     The report attributed this monthly decline of the indicator to the declines of the six main sections that compose the cost of living index which are: transportation section by (1.0%), House Furnishing, equipment, and maintenance section by (0.4%), food and beverages section by (0.3%), restaurants and hotels section by (0.2%), clothes and shoes section by (0.1%), and the sections of housing, water, electricity, gas, and the other kinds of fuel by (0.1%). 
     On the other hand, three main sections of the indicator have registered an increase which are: health section by (0.4%), culture and leisure section by (0.3%), and telecommunication section by (0.2%). 
     However, the sections of tobacco, education, commodity and services have not registered any worth mentioning change.