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"Statistics" worked on six tracks in 90 days....Four Days and the Statistical Sector will Start a New Era


"Statistics" worked on six tracks in 90 days

Four Days and the Statistical Sector will Start a New Era

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     The Saudi statistical data and information sector is starting a new era after declaring the changing of the central department of statistics to be an authority named" the general authority for statistics". This transforming will start officially on Wednesday 1st of jamad first.

     Director of media and statistical awareness department and the spokesman of the authority, Taiseer Almufarij states that working under the umbrella of the general authority for statistics is considered an implementation of the supreme decree number ( 64283) in 26/12/1436 H which declares transforming the central department of statistics to be a general authority called the general authority for statistics. This authority is financially and administratively independent. The supreme decree gave ninety days for the transforming process. The countdown is about to finish now and this Wednesday will be the first official day to work under the new name. Almufarij confirmed that this transforming is not only about changing the name or identity, but changing content, techniques, and mechanisms as the statistical sector must cope with all the rapid changes around it otherwise it cannot go farther.  With the increase of commercial transactions, international investments, social and economic changes, mass data revolution , and the development of digital media and portable technologies, it has been a need for the statistical work to go through a vital transforming process in order to satisfy the clients and fulfill their needs which require the authority to establish a mutual partnerships, estimate their current and future needs, unify the information sources, facilitate access to this sources, and provide more advanced statistical products.

     Almufarij said that the general authority for statistics is undergoing a transforming plan that has six major tracks: concentration on the client strategy, developing products and services, enhancing methodologies and procedures, upgrading information technologies and infrastructure, statistical literacy and building competences, and structuring all the authority's different tasks and departments in order to keep developing the authority and making it a distinct institution.

     It is worth mentioning that the Saudi statistical work has started in a very early era of the Saudi development history. It has started in 1349H /1930 AD and continued for thirty years till the issuance of the general statistics system in royal decree number (23) which made the statistical work a sector that refers technically and administratively back to an official system that cooperated in organizing the statistical sector by setting the rules of relation between the central department as it is the only central department for statistics and the other sectors. This system aimed to activate the statistical work and make it more comprehensive, and raise statistical awareness. During the last fifty eight years, the department worked on many surveys, censuses, and indicators in many different fields in Saudi Arabia.  

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