Fri, 18 12 1441 | 07 Aug 2020

8 governmental entities review 21 executive plans for Saudi Arabia Census 2020

256 days until the beginning of Saudi Arabia Census 2020
8 governmental entities review 21 executive plans for Saudi Arabia Census 2020

The president of the General Authority for Statistics, Dr. Fahad bin Sulaiman Altekhaifi confirmed that all preparation for the General Population, Housing, and Establishments Census 2020 are complete with the participation of a number of related governmental entities. 21 executive plans within the project’s preparatory stage have been prepared, including all tasks and requirements to the census implementation. These plans also cover all stages of work in details.  the executive committee of Saudi Arabia Census 2020 has held its first meeting on Wednesday Shawwal 30th 1440H at GASTAT head office, with the participation of Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Commerce and Investment, Ministry of Education, National Information Center, and Saudi Post. All issues of electronic linkage with the National Information Center, the plan of classifications and manuals, manpower and training, maps and postal address have been discussed, in addition to a number of topics related to information technology and field works. 


Altekhaifi said that the collaboration adopted by all governmental entities will enable them all from investing all means of modern technologies which provides a wide database that can be used as a reliable reference when conducting the studies and research required for Saudi Arabia developmental plans and programs, in addition to providing statistical data and indicators that measure the changes of population characteristics over time, making national and international comparisons, revising and evaluating the future population estimates, and providing detailed data that was not available before because of the nature of technologies and software that were used in the previous census ten years ago. GASTAT works with its partners to develop and build a unified geo-spatial database that covers all Saudi Arabia cities and villages, which makes a complete transformation while dealing with the geographical data of the digital image at all stages of the census, and enables data exchange with GASTAT clients in different sectors. His excellency expressed his appreciation for the great support that GASTAT and other governmental entities receive from our great leadership for the success of census works.  

It is worth mentioning that there are 256 days to go until the beginning of the census. The approval of His Royal Highness, the King of Saudi Arabia has been announced previously to specify the evening of Tuesday 22nd of Rajab, 1441 H corresponding 17th of March, 2020 to be the beginning of the actual enumeration works of the Fifth Population, Housing, and Establishments Census in Saudi Arabia. This date shall be approved as the time reference date for all census works, data, and information. A new portal has been launched specifically for all details of census works: