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Sun, 21 02 1441 | 20 Oct 2019

GASTAT: releases Consumer Price Index(CPI) Monthly Report for July,2019


GASTAT: releases Consumer Price Index(CPI) Monthly Report for July,2019


General Authority for Statistics (GASTAT) released its monthly report of Consumer Price Index (CPI) in Saudi Arabia for July, 2019. The report was published on its official website

CPI increased by (%0.1) compared to last month (June,2019). In fact, the increase was from (105.9) in June,2019 to (106.0) in July,2019 with (%0.1) change, report showed.

As a matter of fact, the report attributed this increase to the increase of the six sections composing it, which are: home furnishing and equipment with (%0.8), health section with (%0.8), transportation section (%0.7), goods and personal services section with (%0.6), culture and entertainment with (%0.5), and restaurants and hotels section with (%0.1). 

In contrast, two of the main sections witnessed a decline, which are: food and beverages section with (%0.3) as well as clothing and shoes section with (%0.2).

On the other hand, tobacco, housing, water, electricity and gas, telecommunication, education sections remained stable with no change.  

As a matter of fact, consumer price index CPI is one of the significant economic statistics that is related to individuals’ daily life and provide the necessary information to monitor goods and services prices in Saudi Arabia’s retail market.