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Spokesman of GASTAT: success partners are welcome to work in the 2020 Census


According to temporary contracts that last for one month
Spokesman of GASTAT: success partners are welcome to work in the 2020 Census
Mr. Mohammed bin Saad al-Dukhaini the spokesman of "GASTAT" confirmed that the Authority thanks and appreciates those wishing to support them during Saudi Arabia census of Population, Housing and Establishments 2020 in all regions of the kingdom and its governorates, through the registration link      the applications will be received until the end of Thursday next week (18th Safar 1441 / October 17th 2019 ). 
   Al-Dukhaini also explained, that everyone is entitled to participate in and cooperate with the Authority in the implementation of ( Saudi Arabia Census 2020 ) in accordance with the general conditions set by the Authority to be able to  reach those who can support them in completing the census work to achieve its desired goals.
The spokesperson also said, that the work in the census would be in accordance with temporary contracts, most of which are researchers, who will continue their work for one month, expected to reach 60 thousand. Fieldwork will be in the evening. He pointed out that they will communicate with the cooperating participants in the census after the registration is closed, according to each stage through the means of communication recorded in the request of cooperation.
It is worth mentioning that the fifth census of Population, Housing and Establishments in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia "Saudi Arabia 2020 Census", Which will begin on Tuesday evening, March 17th 2020, which represents the beginning of the actual enumeration. It will provide a broad base of statistical data to be used as reliable bases to conduct studies and research required by the programs and plans of development in the kingdom, and to achieve the 2030 vision, in addition to providing data and statistical indicators to measure the change in population characteristics over time, and make local, regional and international comparisons, and to review and evaluate future population estimates.