Wed, 13 01 1444 | 10 Aug 2022

Saudi Arabia Hosts Seminar on Future of Economic Statistics for ESCWA

Saudi Arabia Hosts Seminar on Future of Economic Statistics for ESCWA


     Saudi Arabia, represented by the General Authority for Statistics (GASTAT), will host tomorrow the Seminar on (the Future of Economic Statistics for ESCWA). The Seminar will be attended by members of organizations, specialists of United Nations, Gulf Statistics Center, and those who are further interested, academics, and representatives of government agencies.

     The Seminar discusses a number of topics, such as, “rapid response system related to economic statistics, the future of economic statistics in Saudi Arabia, institutional transformation and new methods. Other topics include: services and roles, and reconstruction of economic statistics in countries emerging from conflict”.

     ESCWA is one of the five regional commissions established by the United Nations to achieve economic and social targets that defined by the Charter of the United Nations. This is done through the promotion cooperation and integration among the countries of each region of the world.

     ESCWA aims to stimulate economic and social development in member countries, and enhance interaction and cooperation between them. In addition to encourage the exchange of information, good practices and lessons learned. Also, to achieve regional integration between the Arab region and other regions to inform the world about the conditions and needs of region countries.

ESCWA provides a frame to formulate and harmonize policies, a platform for meeting and coordination, a broad base of experience and knowledge, as well as an information observatory. However, it coordinates its activities with main departments and offices of the United Nations, specialized agencies, international organizations, in addition to regional authorities, such as LAS and its subsidiary bodies and Gulf Cooperation Council.