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GASTAT: 11 Thousand “Monitors” for Saudi Arabia’s Census 2020 Training in 110 Centers around the Kingdom

Second stage of the training program will continue for 6 days.

GASTAT: 11 Thousand “Monitors” for Saudi Arabia’s Census 2020 Training in 110 Centers around the Kingdom


On Sunday 01/26/2020, over (11) thousand monitors enrolled in the second stage of the training program of Saudi Arabia’s census 2020 project. They will cover all regions of Saudi Arabia, and the program will continue for six days.

The training program aims to improve the “Monitors” skills and teach them how to use the national address in the census. Also, the rules and methods of counting buildings, coding the units of real estate, and how to deal with some situations that might occur during the enumeration process. The training program will also teach them the ways of filling out the questionnaires, how to make field and office review, how to divide the work area for each monitor, how to assign the researchers’ areas automatically, fieldwork methods for researcher, and the types of questionnaires used in the census.

The training program depends on practical training by proposing scenarios and assumptions for the enumeration and coding process. It will include coding of residential buildings and facilities as well as households’ enumeration. Monitors will receive training with interactive media in addition to attending workshops to discuss all the possible cases according to the different nature of buildings and the size of real estate units.

During the next stage, monitors will work on buildings, real estate units coding, and households’ enumeration for 33 days, starting from Monday February 3, 2020 until Friday, March 6, 2020. On the other hand, the actual enumeration process of population and housing will start on Wednesday, March 18, 2020 until Monday, 13 April 6, 2020 for 20 days. 

The manpower in the census project is working to implement field tasks for a specific period of time that will end on 20/8/1441 AH. No works will be held after that date, and that the controls require the appointment of "supervisors" from leaders of GASTAT. As for the rest of the categories, it requires registration in the "Candidates" program. A recommendation from the department must be provided as well. The criteria for nomination differ from one region to another according to the number of candidates in each region and the geographical distribution of the needs of the workforce in the region, and the General Authority for Statistics is keen that the candidate's work area is close to his place of residence.  GASTAT aims to rely on national human competencies and seek to help those who have experience in dealing with families and have participated in previous work for GASTAT.

The fifth census of population, housing and establishments in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia "Saudi Arabia 2020 Census", will provide a broad base of statistical data to be used as a reliable reference in conducting studies and researches required by development programs and plans in the Kingdom to achieve the 2030 vision. In addition, to provide statistical data and indicators to measure changes occurred in population characteristics over time. Also, to make local, regional and international comparisons, and to review and evaluate future population estimates.