Mon, 18 01 1444 | 15 Aug 2022

GASTAT Launches a Portal to Nominate Cooperators in Saudi Census 2022

The General Authority for Statistics launched today (Tuesday November 23, 2021) an electronic portal that enables registration to the Saudi Census 2022. This comes as part of GASTAT’s preparations for the implementation of the General Census of Population, Housing and Establishments. 
The General Authority for Statistics provides the opportunity for those who want to cooperate with GASTAT to support the implementation of Saudi Census and participate in field works, where they can register their data and nominate themselves through an electronic portal created for this purpose. The nominees may use the National Unified Access Platform to register to this portal. However, GASTAT stipulated some conditions based on which candidates will be nominated. Among these conditions are: candidate’s educational qualification shall be secondary school or above, s/he shall be 20-year old or more, s/he shall be proficient with the use of smart devices, and s/he must have a specific work reference either in the government or private sectors. Final nomination will be decided after attending the training and passing the assessments. 
To participate in the implementation of the Census, kindly visit the (Saudi Census 2022 portal), and register though the National Unified Access Platform by using the username and password created previously in this platform. 
The portal link: