Sun, 04 12 1443 | 03 Jul 2022

The central department director: the transformation into an authority is creating effective partnerships


The central department of statistics director Dr. Fahad Altukhaifi said that  the transformation to an authority will focus on two fundamental factors; clients and those who will benefit from the statistical products. Dr.Fahad asserted the authority will try to increase the level of these products' quality in order to make them the strongest and first supporter for developmental decision making. He also added that the statistical sector represented in its new identity " the authority" is looking forward to making effective collaborations with all sectors aiming to unify the official statistics source and issue them using excellent templates and services that enable people to get the required information. In a workshop held in the central department of statistics in Riyadh with more than 30 representatives from different public and private sectors, dr Fahad said that the clients are the base of this transformation into an authority with an advanced level that is compatible with all development international standards. On the other hand, many government and private sectors, who have a relation with the statistical work in a way or another,  confirmed that the transformation happening in the statistical sector is moving forward in a rapid and coordinated way to cope with all national and international economic changes. The workshop aimed at engaging all partners and those who would benefit from the statistical products in the transformation process. In addition, it aimed at making a vision about the authority's future products.  The meetings hall witnessed yesterday a knowledgeable interaction among many sectors such as the ministry of economy and planning, ministry of commerce, ministry of labor, ministry of housing, ministry of civil affairs, ministry of social affairs, ministry of education, ministry of health, ministry of culture and media, ministry of water and electricity, ministry of communication and information technology, the Saudi general investment authority,  authority of exports, general commission for audiovisual media, yesser, king Saud university, ARAMCO, and many independent Saudi consultants.