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Dr. Al Tukhaifi: We Work With Our Partners to Create Necessary Indicators for Current and Future Needs.

84 Government Entities Start Developing the Statistical Sector

Dr. Al Tukhaifi: We Work With Our Partners to Create Necessary Indicators for Current and Future Needs.

Representatives of 84 government entities agreed on the significance of data and statistics in the coming developmental phase and how they translate the 2030 Saudi vision. They appreciated all efforts exerted by the General Authority for Statistics in Saudi Arabia. This was discussed in a series of workshops held recently by the authority in Riyadh with the attendance of  specialists and representatives of many government entities.

Dr. Fahad bin Sulaiman Al- Tukhaifi asserted that many government entities participated with the General authority for Statistics such as ministries, authorities, institutions, and a number of universities and research centers. The workshops aimed at assessing the mechanisms and methods of activating the communication in the government statistical sector. The participants were able to draw the baselines for a number of strategies which enhance the activation of government statistical sector. Each workshop discussed a topic related to a specific sector, including the national income, investment, industry, trade, education, health, labor force, population and vital statistics, and energy sector. Dr. Al- Tukhaifi stated that each workshop discussed the statistical work determinants in each sector. The workshops also discussed the current status of statistical units in the related government entities. His Excellency appreciated the participants interaction and  their positivity in the discussions and suggestions. He confirmed that every suggestion and vision has been transferred into a task in the authority.

On the other hand, Al-Tukhaifi indicates that  the statistical transformation in Saudi Arabia requires fulfilling the needs of customers in both the public and private sectors. It also requires making effective collaborations with all related entities on the international, national , and local levels. In addition to creating necessary indicators for current and future needs.

The director of planning and economic studies in the Saudi Grains Organization, Abdulaziz Al-Yusif summarized the workshops advantages; knowledge exchange in the statistical sector, facing the challenges in this sector, and raising the educational and working knowledge by meeting many entities and individuals.

The Ministry of Finance representative, Abdulaziz bin Ahmed Al-Jadaan said that the workshops collaborated in  consolidating relations between the General Authority for Statistics and the different government entities. They also facilitate the process of getting statistical data and information.

Mansour Al-Shehri, a market studies specialist in the Communications and Information Technology Commission stressed on the need for such statistical workshops aiming to establish strong relations with local statisticians. These workshops would help in recognizing the current status of the statistical map and link the information producers with information beneficiaries. They also help in knowing the methods of collecting information and how to export them to others.

Tariq Al-Khurashi, the head of statistics and information department in the Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu, said that holding such specialized workshops is a priority in the statistical work , and a necessity for all sectors either public or private. They are represented in how effective are the data and information in making decisions and determining future needs. they also facilitate the information exchange in Saudi Arabia. Moreover, they help in determining the priorities and needs to move a step forward in the 2030 plan track.

Dr. Suttam Al- Mubarak, assistant professor in King Abdulaziz City for Sciences and Technology, said: " you all know the significance of statistical sector, and that how it helps in making wise and beneficial decisions" he added: " the workshops collaborated in raising awareness about the importance of statistical work, as you can see, Saudi Arabia has started a huge program which is not depending on oil anymore. So this is part of the 2030 Saudi vision, the statistical work is very important to achieve this vision. When there is no accurate information- based- plans, there will be no perfect work" .

It is worth mentioning that the statistical sector in Saudi Arabia consists of the General authority for Statistics as a central agency that is responsible for activating the statistical work. It also consists of an integrated system which contains all statistical departments, units, and divisions in the other organizations. The statistical information, with its comprehensive concept, represents the production of statistical sector in Saudi Arabia. The General Statistics System provided that each entity should have a department or division that is responsible for collecting the statistics of this ministry or organization. This department should set its methodology by coordinating with the authority, and should follow all technical and statistical instructions created by the authority. It also should provide the authority with required information regularly. The General authority for Statistics Organization has been recently issued. The organization stressed on the authority role as a technical and organizing supervisor in the statistical sector. A comprehensive statistical data bases system will be created by founding a central information system in the authority on the national level. This system will direct all statistical departments in the government entities to electronically link their information with the authority to facilitate the flow of statistical data and information.