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Economic Indicators Survey

Cabinet decree no. (211) of 13-1-1437H gave the General Authority for Statistics (GASTAT) the right to conduct surveys in the economic, social and population fields on behalf of the kingdom and publishing them periodically. Based on this right, GASTAT has installed programs and surveys that aim to create a statistical database in all fields, including data and statistics of economic indicators with a view to providing support in periodically developing a study of the characteristics and components of private and public sector institutions and the non-profit sector in all districts of the kingdom. As part of these surveys, GASTAT is working on carrying out an economic indicators survey. International recommendations and standards of the International Labor Organization have been taken into account while preparing the survey methodology and designing the survey form. 


Date of survey:

From 18/7/2017 to 8/8/2017


Economic Indicators Survey

Every three months (Quarterly)

From 18/7/2017 to 8/8/2017

150-200 field researchers

The Economic Indicators Survey form includes 5 main sections that are filled by using hand devices "tablet". The form includes:
1-Economic Activity
2-Average number of workers
3-Worker compensations
4-Operating Expenses
5-Operating Revenues

• To provide quarterly data on all economic activities for the purpose of preparing short-term indicators with a view to helping to identify the seasonal influence on the economic activities;
• To update the short-term economic data of each economic activity;
• To identify the seasonal change of workers in the economic activities;
• To identify the seasonal change volume in remunerations paid to workers, as well as other expenses and revenues as per the different economic activities;
•To provide the needed short-term statistical data and information on all economic activities for government bodies and authorities as well as researchers; and
• To utilize such data in conducting national, regional and international comparisons, and carrying out studies and analyses.

It covers all the kingdom's administrative districts with giving a greater importance to cities given that they have nearly 84% of all establishments in the kingdom and are inhabited by nearly 91% of all workers in the kingdom

Range: Understanding the statistical needs and defining possible solutions.
Designing: Designing all subsequent steps of the statistical process.
Organization: Preparing and testing all statistical work procedures
Collection: Data collection and verification.
Classification: Data processing for converting data from initial data to statistical data.
Review: Verifying and explaining results.
Publishing: Preparing the products to be ready for publication.
Evaluation: Conducting a comprehensive evaluation of all stages of the statistical process.
Administration: Administering all steps of the statistical process continuously.

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All data of the Economic Indicators Survey are dealt with as an informational basis on which decision-makers in all related government agencies rely for the benefit of the citizen and resident.
Abiding by the secrecy of information in the Economic Indicators Survey and all GASTAT surveys. Transparency is a value we realize
Your cooperation with GASTAT field workers to obtain data of the Economic Indicators Survey helps in supporting decision-makers.
Sensing the importance of information and data used in the Economic Indicators Survey supports national development
Sound decisions starts from accurate information. Your cooperation in collecting data via the Economic Indicators Survey supports national development
Development is based on data and information. Your answers to field researcher's questions in the Economic Indicators Survey help to support decision-makers and policy makers.
We will continue providing statistics and data via the Economic Indicators Survey for supporting every development decision
Results of data provided by establishments about their economies in the Economic Indicators Survey help decision-makers in continuous development and improvement
The Economic Indicators Survey helps in providing indicators and statistics for helping decision-makers in a way that corresponds to the kingdom's Vision 2030