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Household Health Survey

GASTAT has put in its plan for this year 2017 to conduct the Household Health Survey, which is concerned with studying the health features pertaining to households in Saudi Arabia. The survey aims to provide data that may help in measuring a number of heath indicators related to the health status in Saudi Arabia.

This survey that covers 24,120 households in the 13 administrative regions in Saudi Arabia is the first health survey conducted by GASTAT. The survey provides a number of significant health indicators that meet the local, regional, and international requirements as well as the requirements of planners, developmental policy-makers and decision-makers. The data collected through the survey shall reflect the real image of the development taking place in the field of health in Saudi Arabia.


Date of Survy:

Work on the survey shall commence on 4/11/2017 and shall end on 8/12/2017

Household Health Survey

The staff consists of 1 supervisor for every administrative region and a number of deputies according to the size of the region. Additionally, every region shall have a local supervisor and a number of inspectors, researchers, and a team of technicians in addition to a team supervising data completion through operation rooms at the main building of GASTAT.

Household Health Survey form is an electronic form designed on tablets. It includes 9 main sections, which are filled in an estimated time of 45-75 minutes. The form includes:
First: Geographical data and housing data:
Second: Details of household members
Third: Smoking (individuals aged 10+)
Fourth: Health status (individuals aged 15+)
Fifth: Accidents and injuries (Individuals aged 15+)
Sixth: Health life patterns (individuals aged 15+)
. Seventh: Marriage and family planning
Eighth: Fertility and child mortality
Ninth: Household income and expenditure

The survey aims at providing reliable data that meets the local, regional, and international requirements of statistical data. Additionally, it meets the requirements of planners and researchers who are working to improve the health care standard, and motherhood and childhood affairs.

This survey targets all households in KSA (Saudi and non-Saudi) and is executed by using a sample of 24120 households in all administrative regions of Saudi Arabia.
Eastern Region
Northern Borders

Scope: Identifying the statistical requirements, and determining possible solutions
Design: Designing all subsequent steps of the statistical process.
Organization: Preparing and testing all statistical work procedures
Collection: Data collection and verification.
Categorization: Data processing for converting data from initial data to statistical data.
Review: Results verification and explanation.
Publishing: Preparing outputs for publishing
Evaluation: Conducting a comprehensive evaluation of all stages of the statistical process.
Administration: Administering all steps of the statistical process continuously.

صفحات وعي إحصائي: 
What is the legal authority by which GASTAT abides for conducting Household Health Survey?
What is the scope of the Household Health Survey?
What is the meaning of timeline in Household Health Survey?
Household Health Survey Mechanism, Methodology, and Fieldwork Timeframe
For supporting development plans in the health field, researchers in the Household Health Survey visit more than 24000 households in all regions of the Kingdom
Around 350 researchers visit more than 24000 households in all different regions of the Kingdom to gather information of the Household Health Survey.
Data provided by the household in the Household Health Survey.. help in supporting development processes in the Kingdom, particularly in the health field.
Your cooperation with the field surveyor in the Household Health Survey helps in setting developmental plans to improve the health field.
Sensing the importance of the Household Health Survey contributes in getting credible data that help in achieving national development.
Sound decisions start from accurate information.. Your cooperation in collecting data through the Household Health Survey paves the way for achieving welfare of the society and creating a better life for coming generations.
Dear citizen and resident; giving accurate data and information to field researcher is a national duty.
Development predominantly depends on data and information. Your answers to the questions of the field surveyor in the Household Health Survey help in meeting the requirements of planners and researchers who are working on promoting the health care standard.
About 26 days in the field to gather statistical data through the Household Health Survey for the promotion of health care in the Kingdom.
Continuing to collect data from more than 24000 households in the Household Health Survey For the sake of development plans in the health field based on accurate data.