Mon, 02 06 1441 | 27 Jan 2020

President’s Foreword

To our success partners… Partners in success…

We are delighted to have you here, visiting the web portal of the General Authority for Statistics in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Welcome aboard! Our statistical portal has been developed to serve as an electronic, official source of the KSA statistics.  

Hence, we are pleased to offer you a variety of statistical services and products, as part of the largest digital statistics and data base that has been developed with a view to cover various areas of development and help you have access to the required data and information.   

The web portal has been designed in a way that ensures the direct access to information in accordance with relevant statistical standards that help us achieve our goals of supporting your research, studies and decisions with reliable, high-quality data. An interactive statistics system will also be available here for you to design your reports based on your informatics needs and research requirements, and hence form a quantum leap in this field of expertise.

Through our web portal, you, in your capacity as partners, will be able to submit your requests that will be subsequently handled and addressed by specialized teams in the event of unavailability within the scope of general products and services provided and disseminated. Furthermore, you will also have the chance to check out the latest data and indicators through various other sections of the portal. Hence, all of these statistical products and services provided serve our plans and ambitions to achieve our vision so as to become the most innovative and exclusive statistical reference with a view to support the Kingdom’s economic and social development. With you, we strive to provide state-of-the-art statistical products and services, characterized by utmost accuracy, comprehensiveness and credibility, in accordance with the best international standards and practices, as well as develop the statistical sector in order to support the decision-making process. With a firm belief that high quality and customer focus constitute the values of our strategy, we succeeded in preserving the interdependence of our statistical methodology and approach with a view to provide, with high professionalism and in full transparency, our products and service. Your engagement and involvement mark our achievements, and hence we would like to call on you to kindly provide us with the necessary constructive observations and suggestions that will help us achieve continuous developments and increase the level and quality of our products and services provided.


May God help us all to fulfill our responsibilities towards this Kingdom and its citizens,

Dr. Fahad Bin Sulaiman Al Tekhaifi
President of the General Authority for Statistics (GaStat)