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The General Authority for Statistics is seeking the opinion and comments of the public for the proposed Statistics Law within thirty days


Based on the principles of openness and transparency, the General Authority for Statistics is inviting the public to express their opinions and suggestions regarding the proposed statistics law via e-mail (, before 09/04/1442 AH corresponding to 24/11/2020.
The statistics law project has twenty-five articles and aims to regulate the statistical work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The statistics law project has been drafted after carefully reviewing the International best practices and laws related, and based on regulations and processes to adopt laws in the Kingdom.
The statistics law project aims to enhance the statistical ecosystem, by establishing the legal framework for the development, production and dissemination of official statistics. This is to contribute to providing accurate data that serve sustainable economic development in various fields, and to provide an effective framework in order to provide reliable data and statistics. Official statistics help to properly plan for development based on evidence, and to meet the needs and requirements of the government and private sector, and to fulfill the Kingdom's obligations and regional and international statistical requirements such as the ones by the Arab League, ESCWA, the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, the G20 and others.
It is agreed by many officials, senior planners, experts and specialists around the world on the importance of accurate data and information for sustainable development in various fields and sectors of work and production. Based on this, the General Authority for Statistics provides accurate and reliable official statistics, information and indicators about the Kingdom's economy and the society in Saudi Arabia. Educational, environmental and various activities, and the living conditions of citizens and residents in the Kingdom, classifying these data, analyzing them and issuing them according to scientific standards in the statistical field, on the basis that the General Authority for Statistics (GASTAT) is the official body responsible for preparing official statistics in the Kingdom. GASTAT applies scientific methods in accordance with internationally recognized professional standards.
The General Authority for Statistics had provided access to the Statistics Law Project through its website to seek the opinion of the public on the articles therein, through the form below, and sending them to the e-mail before November 24, 2020. Those wishing to review the Statistics Law project documents and express an opinion can access the following link:



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