Sat, 21 09 1440 | 25 May 2019

Household Culture and Entertainment Survey

Description Household culture and entertainment survey is one of the household surveys that will be conducted according to GASTAT surveys plans. The design, preparation, and implementation of this survey are for individuals who are interested in culture and entertainment in Saudi Arabia. Such data are important as they give an image about the culture as well as entertainment of households in society. This will result in many developmental studies and plans in general and in culture and entertainment field in particular.

The survey aims to provide new and up-to-date indicators on the level of household’s culture and entertainment means through reading, leisure time activities, and internal and external tourism for culture and entertainment. Furthermore, to study the impact of national and cultural identity.

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Household Culture and Entertainment Survey 1440/11/12 1440/11/18 2019/07/14 2019/07/20