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Non-Profit Sector Survey (Establishments)

Description This survey provides more detailed data on the non-profit sector’ establishments. These establishments can be described as organizations that are not classified as one of the market corporations, nor governmental agencies. These institutions are considered non-profit, voluntary, civil society, or non-government institutions. They can be referred to as the third sector institutions or socio-economic sector. The data provided in this survey meets most of the international, regional, and local requirements. They also help decision makers to identify the economic developments in this sector on the long term. The data of this survey is represented in the average number of paid employees and volunteers. It also measures the size of workers’ compensations, operating expenses, and revenues. In addition to the average working hours of this sector.

• Identify the size of workers by nationality • Recognize the size of volunteers by nationality\ • Identify the workers’ compensations • Measure the average weekly working hours of workers and volunteers. • Identify the size of non-profit sector’ expenditure. • Provide data that contribute on identifying the size of non-profit sector in the local economy. • Identify the contribution of non-profit sector in GDP

Date Category Semi-annual and annual
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