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Institutional Innovation Survey

Description Saudi Arabia seeks to diversify its economy within the Saudi Vision 2030. It also supports and increases the private sector participation in economy. Therefore, there is a need for identifying the size of innovation in the local market and in the companies working in Saudi Arabia, in addition to identifying the success of new products that have been innovated in the local market, the extent to which the local market has accepted and adopted innovations, and the importance of innovation, within the Saudi Vision 2030 goals, to diversify economy, increase the contribution of the private sector in GDP, and increase the local content. The Innovation Survey is so significant as it measures the size of new products in the market and how advanced is the mechanism of manufacturing and production which helps to increase the efficiency and productivity of the private sector, in addition to its contribution in GDP.

• Provide data on the size of innovation in the local market and corporations. • Identify the extent to which the market accepts new products. • Clarify the size of expenditure on innovation • Provide data on the extent to which companies would adopt new ideas and innovations. • Determine the companies’ categories that adopt new ideas and innovate. • Provide data of companies that annually come up with new products or companies that work in the field of innovation.

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