Sat, 04 09 1444 | 25 Mar 2023

How is pilgrim’s enumeration done?

The General Authority for statistics (GaStat) is responsible for statistics and it is the only official reference for implementing, supervising and organizing statistical work. GaStat count pilgrims coming to Makkah and the Holy places using a statistical method depending on pilgrim’s arrival as follows:

Domestic Pilgrims Enumeration:

  1. The number of pilgrims coming from outside Makkah city is counted by the enumeration statisticians from Gastat located at the six land entry points of Makkah city and the four supporting centers where they conduct a comprehensive enumeration of all domestic pilgrims.
  2. For pilgrims residing in Makkah, the number is estimated by a field household survey carried out annually by GaStat based on international standards. This method is considered the best and more accurate to estimate the number of pilgrims from Makkah residents.

International Pilgrims Enumeration:

  1. They are counted through all land, sea, and air entry points by the General Directorate of passports.

By using the total numbers of the three methodologies, GaStat announces the official number of pilgrims in the evening of the 9th day of Dhu Al-Hijjah every year.

Statistical Survey: