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The main Principles of Hajj Statistics

  • Since when does GaStat carry out pilgrims’ enumeration?

    • GaStat carries out pilgrims’ enumeration since 1390H (1971 AD)
  • What is the used method of counting pilgrims?
    • GaStat uses the comprehensive enumeration method to count domestic and international pilgrims. Pilgrims residing in Makkah are counted using the field survey method.
  • What is the method used in counting pilgrims? How to ensure the accuracy and quality of data?
    • To maintain the accuracy and quality of data, GaStat staff uses smart tablets connected to a unified database connected to the Hajj Statistics Centre to follow the process of enumeration in an accurate and comprehensive way.
  • What are the main entry points of Makkah?
    • Domestic pilgrims are counted in six main entry points, which are: Makkah centre/ Jeddah Highway – Makkah centre/Jeaddah Old Road -Tan’eim centre- Al Sraie’a centre- Alkarr Centre – South centre.
  • What are Makkah supportive entry points?
    • GaStat has established supportive centres to support the main entry points, which are: Jeddah supportive centres-Al Madina center- Abiar Ali centre –Alta’if center- Al Sail Al Kabir 
  • Who are included in the enumeration?
    • Any pilgrim wearing Ihram is included in the count.
  • What is the time cycle of pilgrims’ enumeration?
    • GaStat carries out the enumeration annually.


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