Sat, 04 09 1444 | 25 Mar 2023

Statistics and planning of Hajj

  • What is the data that GaStat collects about pilgrims?

    • Gender – Nationality – Way of arrival – Date of arrival – Vehicle type- Number of vehicles
  • What is the benefit of counting pilgrims?
    • Develop the necessary traffic plans, including Al Nafrah and Al Taseid plans.
    • Prepare future plans and programs to ensure providing the necessary services to the pilgrims, whether its social, health, security, or Tawafah.
    • Evaluate the capability of the main facilities and preparations in Makkah city and the Holy places.
    • Evaluate the activities and events carried out by pilgrim’s services providers.
    • Identify the changes on the way off arrival of international pilgrims and domestic pilgrims.
    • Provide accurate data and information about the number of pilgrims for researchers, students, and beneficiaries interested in this field.


Statistical Survey: