04 Dec 2023

Last update 9 / 10 / 2017

The Importance of the Persons with Disability Survey and its advantages for the Saudi economy and achieving sustainable development

Persons with Disability Survey goals:

The goals of Persons with Disability Survey concerning functional difficulties included the following:

First: Adopting the long list of Washington Group for Disability to measure the number of Persons with Disability and to include them in the survey sample.

Second: Obtaining realistic indicators concerning disability, its features, and the level of difficulties that face the Persons with Disability in Saudi Arabia.

Third: Providing aid to decision makers, and national policy planners concerning the disability sector to obtain fundamentals and realistic indicators that help them in taking sound decisions that meet the needs of the Persons with Disability.

Fourth: Identifying the services provided to the Persons with Disability and its nature to enable the involved bodies to set their priorities and policies.

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