21 Jul 2024

Last update 9 / 10 / 2017

The main specialized concepts and definitions used in The Elderly Survey

1) Data of the elderly (aged 65 and over). 

  • Identifying the rate of the elderly in Saudi Arabia and the types of the chronic diseases they suffer from, in addition to the ways of affording treatment costs, the aids they need, from whom they receive such aids, and the distribution mode of these aids according to the administrative regions. 
  • The categorization of the elderly data according to age and gender helps in innovating rehabilitation programs for them. .
  • The categorization of the elderly according to their characteristics aid in identifying the rate of their contribution in religious, cultural, and social fields. 

2) Physiological changes (aged 65 and over).

  • Poor overall health. 
  • Diminishing of the muscle strength. 
  • Weakness of the senses. 
  • Weakness of the body's energy. 

3) Psychological changes (aged 65 and over).

  • Memory impairment 
  • Poor attention

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