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Last update 9 / 10 / 2017

Household Elderly Survey Mechanism, Methodology, and Fieldwork Time frame

GASTAT launched the Household Elderly Survey for 2017 to provide updated accurate data. 
The survey starts from 14/4/2017 to 18/5/2017 for 35 days. It targets 33575 domestic households. It will be run every 3 years on a regular basis.
The survey covers all the Kingdom's thirteen administrative regions. It targets a random sample of households in these regions represented by actual updating of the general population and housing census of 1431 A.H. (2010 A.D.), by virtue of the Royal Decree number (23), issued on 07/12/1379 A.H.; authorizing the General Authority for Statistics to run censuses and various statistical researches, to keep these data confidential in GASTAT and to use them for statistical purposes only. 
GASTAT depends in conducting the survey on nine stages as follows:

  1. Scope: Understanding the statistical needs and defining possible solutions.
  2. Designing: Designing all subsequent steps of the statistical process.
  3. Organization: Preparing and testing all statistical work procedures.
  4. Collection: Data collection and verification.
  5. Categorization: Data processing for converting data from initial data to statistical data.
  6. Review: Results verification and explanation.
  7. Publishing: Preparing the products to be ready for publication.
  8. Evaluation: Conducting a comprehensive evaluation of all stages of the statistical process.
  9. Administration: Administering all steps of the statistical process continuously.

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