Wed, 13 01 1444 | 10 Aug 2022

Statistics and its Relation to Natural Science

Nowadays, most of laboratory studies depend on the statistical approach as a way to implement and design experiments. The Probability and Sample Theory plays a major role in this fieldscientific research, whether it is: in chemicalstry, agriculturale, pharmaceuticaly, medicaline, engineering, or any other field concerned withclassified as natural science. Here,It is in these research areas that we can clearly notice the different usesvarious applications of the statistical approach as a method to statistically estimate the phenomenon characteristics, disseminate results to original communities after interpreting them in a practical way and validating such results using controllable and reliable mechanisms to reduce allowable mistakes as much as possible.
Also, the validation of some natureal science theories in the field of scientific science is usually carried out using by adopting the statistical approach, which depends on recording what can be practically monitored on the ground, attaining measurements and readings through laboratory experiments and then making a comparison between what is exists theoretically exist on the basis of the statistical theory, and the tools that you can giveit offers to a researcher in the field of experiment design.

Statistical Survey: