Mon, 18 01 1444 | 15 Aug 2022

Statistics and its Relation to Humanities

The great technological development in all fields was accompanied by development in all humanities. This has been well manifested in developing new ways to address the social, philosophical and psychological topics and so on. Natural sciences have also become among the most important assisting resources in carrying out social research.

The role of statistics, with its recognizably outstanding position amidst humanities, is undeniable   in such a development. The most important research tools in the field of humanities could include a branch of statistics, namely social sciences statistics, social statistics or statistical method and scientific theories.

The statistical method is a modus operandi to carry out social researches, probability theory and the central limit theorem (CLT) as well as associated basic applications that are important in such an area. Simple or multiple methods of identifying correlation of social, philosophical and other social sciences phenomena that we study and explain as well as the application of hypotheses theorem and statistical tests and identification of these phenomena’s probability distribution are important and essential, so far as humanities are concerned. Seeking an upgrade of his/her research and information, each researcher specialized in one branch or another of humanities must be familiar with statistics, the different statistical theories and the various statistics applied fields.

In short, statistics is a science with customized scientific methods, advanced functions, laws and various theories that make up the base for emergence and evolution of other sciences.

Statistics, in other words, is a science interrelated and interdependent with arguably all other sciences. Statistics is a common and mutual element of all sciences; they all make benefit of statistics in varying proportions. Statistics is a real-life science and individual or public behaviors and attitudes may be governed by a statistical theorem.

Thus, as explained above, statistics is a science with many functions and applications that are developed due to development and progress in all fields. Statistics is recognized as the most accurate and the best method of scientific research.


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