Mon, 18 01 1444 | 15 Aug 2022

The Importance of Statistical Work Development

The statistical work faces many challenges that exist in all countries of the world; the most important of these challenges is the mechanism of developing statistical programs and tracks to serve the development sector in all fields. And to keep abreast with the latest international best practices and experiences in the economies of developed countries to develop and diversify the work of the local statistical sector in all fields and sectors, the General Authority for Statistics(GaStat) , the official statistical government entity which is considered the only official reference for the implementation and organization of statistical work, has established the department of statistical innovation and development with the aim of building a system that reflects local standards with international standards through quality, transparency, customer focus, collaboration, independency, and professionalism. Gastat is working hard to implement and develop many specialized initiatives and programs based on the National 2020 Transformation program and achieving the 2030 vision of the Kingdom by building and providing information wealth to help decision makers and stakeholders from the public and private sectors to support the prosperity and growth of the Saudi economy. One of the developmental programs of the statistical sector that contributes to the promotion of sustainable economic and social development is the implementation of the Household Economic Survey which is implemented in the Kingdom for the first time, and the participation in the implementation of the social protection survey, which helps study the social and economic levels and trends. This survey gives patterns of household expenditure and studies the changes in living standards on a regular basis. Also, one of the development works of the statistical sector is the new economic and social surveys that help in achieving the 2030 Vision by providing data that build indicators for measuring performance. GaStat is also working to provide data that will help to develop and advance the Kingdom's ranking in international indices, including human capital knowledge indicators such as the index of global innovation. In addition, GaStat is also working on providing investment and economic environment indicators, competitiveness, international trade, and globalization. As well as sectorial indicators such as the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index, the Global Retail Development Index, the prosperity Index and the Logistics Performance Index. In addition to other development activities that GaStat is working hard to implement in order to serve the country.
Dr. Aseel Almansour
Director General of Statistical Innovation and development Department


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