Sat, 17 05 1444 | 10 Dec 2022

Statistical awareness.. to be connected

Awareness is the first step in the process of decision and policy making that focuses on humans. Awareness is a logical sign that proves that capabilities of human minds. If you can be connected with everything around you constantly and directly, that means you already started the most important step of awareness which is “ knowledge”. When we talk about statistical awareness, we talk about a status of recognition and perception of the importance of statistics and its sciences in our life, therefore, we can recognize all data, information, and indicators issued by statistical entities, understand those who produce these data and information, and comprehend the way of their uses and publishing. This understanding is linked with recognition without which knowledge cannot be achieved. How could we recognize things without knowing them, therefore, we can define statistical awareness as a positive behavior that depends on recognition and knowledge of the importance of statistics. 
when talking about statistical awareness as a connecting activity, we find that many definitions and practices make the individual the core of this kind of awareness. However, if we want to elaborate that meaning, we add society to individual. The reason why an individual is our concern here is that the individual recognition of the importance of statistical information contributes in the interaction with statistical work and cooperation with statistical organizations by providing them with accurate data. This is a goal that everyone seeks but I can say that this kind of awareness is a “ directed awareness” that takes into account one side only which is statistical organizations and field researchers so that they can collect data easily. On the other hand, the statistical awareness that we want to raise is an integrated process that considers all concerned parties. Statistical awareness begins with data producers but all individuals, households, schools, universities, society, media, and data users contribute in, then it goes back to data producers. In this way, this integrated interaction will result in a positive behavior towards the process of data production, use, and publishing. 
If we want to make statistics a life style and a daily culture, we should raise statistical awareness. However, if we want to reach statistical awareness, we should activate statistical knowledge. Whereas if we want to raise knowledge, we should stay connected. 

By: Taiseer Almofarrij 
Director general of media and statistical awareness department- spokesperson.  



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