Tue, 29 08 1444 | 21 Mar 2023

The Importance of Household Energy Survey and its Advantages for the Saudi Economy and Achieving Sustainable Development

Most world countries are interested in providing official statistics on local energy consumption. Such statistics reflect the status of the infrastructure and offers indicators on the household’s economic situation and standard of living..
Hence, a demand arose to provide precise and comprehensive statistical data to meet the needs of decision-makers, data users and researchers on energy sources, forms, uses and consumption patterns across the Kingdom’s domestic sector.
As an extension from field surveys, GAStat has launched the 2017 household energy survey as the first survey in the domestic sector for energy statistics to identify household consumption of electricity and petroleum products, as well as the use of various energy and fuel sources in different activities. 
The household energy survey form features data on residence, its components, electricity sources, household data, questions on fuel usage, the consumption of energy diverse forms, their uses in various household activities and energy-consuming devices in the domestic sector. The form also includes questions on rationalization of energy consumption as well as related means .