04 Dec 2023

Last update 12 / 09 / 2017

Importance of manpower survey and its benefits for Saudi economy and sustainable development

Official statistics about the volume of workforce and rates of employment and unemployment are considered a priority for most world countries due to its importance in showing the status of labor and giving indications about the economic situation and tools of developing it.

Here comes the need for providing precise and comprehensive statistical data that fulfills the need of decision-makers, data users and researchers about the volume of workforce and its various characteristics. This has prompted the General Authority for Statistics for launching the manpower survey in the first quarter of 2017. The Authority works to survey the manpower to understand the size of workforce, their demographics and social and economic characteristics and estimate the rates of employment and unemployment and economic partnership and dependency in addition to many statistical indications that reflect the changes in the labor market in the kingdom in a way that its final results help in the process of planning and organizing the labor market and preparing programs for resources development.

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