04 Oct 2023

Last update 12 / 09 / 2017

Quality Control of the Household Economy Survey Data


The quality control (QC) process is conducted concurrently with the data collection stage. It is deemed to be one of the most important stages of the implementation of the Household Economy Survey. An integrated system is applied to maintain the quality of data; with a set of rules to control data entry, and detect errors and typos, to be solved under the supervision of the competent supervisor, and refer to the household concerned if need be.

The QC stage involves, besides, following up the GAStat department responsible for the survey, through an operation room to monitor the daily reports incoming from all regions, as well as overseeing and studying them to prepare regular reports on workflow on the ground, and submitting them to the GAStat officials.

In addition, this stage involves field visits by the supervisor of the Household Economy Survey, as well as directors of the relevant departments and experts, to take a closer look at the data collection, entry and auditing processes, and following up performance of the field work team, to ensure compliance with the provided instructions, thus reaching as accurate and precise results as possible.

Field visits are directed to the key cities of the sample of the Household Economy Survey, to meet the formal requirements of the survey, meanwhile paying attention to the administrative aspect, by applying models prepared for this very purpose. They involve drawing samples from a given researcher's forms, to review his method of data entry and auditing, as well as completing the field tour form, including measurement of satisfaction about the organization of field and office work.

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