21 Jul 2024

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The Importance of Household Sports Practice Survey and its Advantages for the Saudi Economy and Achieving Sustainable Development

The survey aims to provide new and updated indicators about the scale of household sports practice in addition to understanding the reasons of failing to practice it through the following:...

What is the meaning of time reference in the Household Sports Practice Survey?

Survey will be conducted in 2017 Q3. It will be carried out annually.

What is the scope of the Household Sports Practice Survey?

The survey covers all the thirteen administrative regions by using a sample of households in these regions based on the updated framework of the census for year 1431H (2010). The administrative regions are divided into 13 regions as follows:

What is the legal authority by which GASTAT abides for conducting the Sports Practice Survey?

According to the general statistics law issued by the cabinet, GASTAT is the official agency entitled to carry out surveys and statistics. All information and data given by the citizen, resident or establishment are kept and dealt with in absolute secrecy....