04 Oct 2023

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Major Group: 
Service and sales workers
Sub-major Group: 
Protective services workers
Minor Group2: 
Protective services workers
Unit Group2: 
Occupation Code: 
Occupation Title: 
Extinguishing Worker
Job Summary: 
Prevent, fight and distinguish fires, protect lives and properties, and exert rescue efforts.
Accountability 1: 
Respond to fire alerts and emergency calls as soon and effectively as possible.
Accountability 2: 
Assess the circumstances of firing and distinguishing, using the necessary equipment and devices, such as: fire lorries, pumps and hoses.
Accountability 3: 
Locate and evacuate victims from burnt buildings and accident sites, carry out first aids, inspect fire sites after putting out and prevent or limit the spread of dangerous materials.
Accountability 4: 
Participate in educating people on the protection from fires, and methods of saving lives and properties.
Accountability 5: 
Prepare technical achievement reports, and submit reports to the head on a periodical basis.
Education Level: 
Lower secondary education
Education field 1: 
Personal skills and development
skills 1: 
Team Work
skills 2: 
skills 3: 
skills 4: 
Goals/ results Oriented
T skills 1: 
T skills 2: 
Preventive fire protection
T skills 3: 
Fire inspection
T skills 4: 
First aid (accidents)
T skills 5: 
Fire extinguishing supervising
Major Group Code: 
Sub-major Group Code: 
Minor Group Code: 
Unit Group Code: 

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