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Dr. Al Tukhaifi: We Work With Our Partners to Create Necessary Indicators for Current and Future Needs.

Representatives of 84 government entities agreed on the significance of data and statistics in the coming developmental phase and how they translate the 2030 Saudi vision.

"Statistics" : Cost of Living Index rises (0.2%) in April 2016

On Wednesday, the 17th of Sha'aban 1437 H/ 25th of May 2016 AD, the General Authority for Statistics (GaStat) issued the monthly indicator of the Saudi cost of living index of the month of April. It is now published on its website . the indicator recorded a 0.2% increase in April...

The wholesale prices' Index Rise 0.6% during the Month of April 2016

The four main components of the wholesale price index in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia recorded an decrease in April 2016 compared to the previous month (March 2016). The section of food and live animal fell (0.7%), the section of miscellaneous manufactured goods by (0.6%), then the vegetable and...

"GaStat" Conducting 7 Workshops with 84 Government Entities

The General Authority for Statistics "GaStat" is conducting several multi-purpose workshops with 84 government entities beginning from Sunday the Fifteenth of Sh'aban, for a period of seven days in Riyadh city. These workshops comes as the result of the efforts of "GaStat" to develop the...