20 Jul 2024

Last update 25 / 12 / 2023


The General Authority for Statistics (GASTAT) is a government entity with an independent legal personality. GASTAT’s board of directors is chaired by His Excellency the Minister of Economy and Planning, and consists of the following members: Ministers of Energy, Finance, Human Resources and Social Development, Education, and Industry and Mineral Resources. In addition to the Director of National Information Center, President of the General Authority for Statistics, and two other members specialized in the statistical field.


GASTAT is the only official statistical reference for implementing, supervising, and regulating the statistical work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  It provides statistical products in social, economic, and environmental fields to support policymakers and decision-makers in advancing the implementation of development plans. 




To become one of the leading modern statistical institutes worldwide. 




Providing accurate, comprehensive, and high-quality statistical information and data that cover all aspects of life in the Kingdom, including social, economic, and environmental dimensions.



Strategic Objectives




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