18 May 2024

Last update 30 / 11 / 2023

Strategic Transformation

The future map in the Saudi vision 2030 and the National Transformation Program 2020 has identified clear tracks of the comprehensive development in Saudi Arabia. It was accompanied by a transformation in the statistical sector as it described its output as the base upon which the development decisions build on and the solid structure that decision and policy makers rely on. The transformation took place in the light of the rapid changes towards social and economic change, huge data and information revolution and non-stop leaps in technology and solutions. It started with the transformation of the "Central Department of Statistics and Information" to the "General Authority for Statistics" with administrative and financial independence by the Royal Decree No. 64283, dated 26/12/1436 H, to begin a journey of responding to changes and meeting the needs of private and public entities of data that support current and future national development operations, information sources consolidation, ease of access and providing more innovative statistical products, in addition to the requirements of this stage in establishing effective collaborations with all data users.
The General Authority of Statistics put the client, quality and statistical sector development as the main pillars of work through six major tracks: development of a client focus strategy; development and harmonization of products and services; improvement of processes and methodologies; improvement of the IT and infrastructure quality; dissemination of the statistical culture;  capacity building and structuring  all General Authority for Statistics’ functions, tasks and departments and move forward towards achieving institutional development and excellence.

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