04 Oct 2023

Job details

541401 - Security Cameras’ Observer

Supervise security cameras, operate surveillance systems, deal with security emergencies and respond thereto around the clock.

Main Tasks:
  • Supervise surveillance cameras, deal with and investigate alerts and fire emergencies, and guaranty responding to such cases around the clock.
  • Operate, control and maintain alert systems and surveillance cameras, download and manage records for using them in the future investigations, and ensure compliance with the rules and regulations of data privacy.
  • Investigate emergencies and violations to security policies and procedures.
  • Follow policies and procedures aligning with security laws and regulations, and inform the management of problems once occurred.
  • Submit reports on reasons and results to the management, and recommend the workflow.

Educational Level:
  • Lower secondary education

Educational Field:
  • Personal skills and development

  • Team Work
  • Inititave
  • Organization
  • Goals/ results Oriented

Technical skills:
  • Security service
  • Housing area surveillance
  • Emergency service coordination
  • Safety regulations

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