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GASTAT: The total number of pilgrims for the 1440 AH Hajj season is 2,489,406, an increase of 4.96% from last year; the Kingdom has provided over 350 thousand employees to serve them

General Authority for Statistics: Total Number of Hajj Pilgrims in 1440 AH is 2,489,406, a 4.96% Increase Over Last Year; Kingdom Provides Over 350,000 Employees to Serve Them
Of these, 1,855,027 pilgrims are from abroad, and 634,379 are from within the Kingdom

GASTAT: The total number of pilgrims for the 1440 AH Hajj season is 2,489,406, an increase of 4.96% from last year; the Kingdom has provided over 350 thousand employees to serve them.
[Total Number of Hajj Pilgrims]
The General Authority for Statistics published number for Hajj on the year 1440 AH on Saturday, 9 Dhu al-Hijjah: a total of 2,489,406 pilgrims, 1,855,027 of which come from outside the Kingdom, 634,379 from within; 67% of pilgrims are non-Saudi. The number of male pilgrims out of the total was 1,385,234, and 1,104,172 were female. The total number of pilgrims in 1440 AH compared with the number of pilgrims last year (1439 AH), it is clear that the number has increased this by 117,731, since 1439’s total came-up to 2,371,675.
[Foreign Pilgrims]
In regards to pilgrims coming from outside the Kingdom, the number hailing from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) was 31,884 (2%), Arab countries sans the GCC 414,750 (22%), Asian countries excepting Arab countries 1,126,633 (61%), African countries sans Arab states 187,414 (10%,), European countries 67,054 (4%), and North America, South America, and Australia 26,892 (1%).
A total of 1,741,568 pilgrims arrived from outside Saudi Arabia through airports, while 96,209 of them arrived via land; seaports accounted for 17,250 pilgrims. Their arrival at Saudi Arabia varied by time; 614,919 arrived from outside of the Kingdom from the start of the season until 18 Dhu al-Qaada; 808,311 arrived from 19 to 29 Dhu al-Qaada; and a further 431,797 arrived from 1 to 8 Dhu al-Hijjah.
[Local Pilgrims]
In regards to pilgrims from within the Kingdom, which totaled 634379 pilgrims this year (including those residing temporarily there for Hajj), the number of non-Saudis was 423,376, with a further 211,003 Saudis. The Authority has limited the number of pilgrims coming to Mecca from within the Kingdom of Saudis and non-Saudis through the Hajj Statistics Centers located at the entrances to Mecca. The percentage of pilgrims coming from within the Kingdom through the Jeddah – Mecca highway was 34.7%; those through the Mecca-Holy Places road made-up 27.7%, the Mecca-Medina saw was 19.3%; and the three remaining roads—South-Mecca, Taif-Mecca, and old Jeddah-Mecca—made-up 15.7%. In addition, arrivals by way of the Haramain High Speed Railway train reached 2.6%.
The General Authority for Statistics in its statistics for this year revealed that 7, 8, and 9 Dhu al-Hijjah saw the arrival of 82.5% of total local pilgrims coming to Mecca; cars entering Mecca this year totaled 39,978.
[Manpower in Hajj]
In regards to manpower during Hajj across all sectors, over 350,830 served during the 1440 AH Hajj season, representing over 47 governmental and private entities and 353 main and subservices. The total manpower supervising and conducing follow-up services to Hajj came from 6 bodies and 6336 employees; those working with general Hajj services were 257,763 from 21 bodies; the total manpower in the health and medical services was 30,908 and employee from three bodies; manpower providing pilgrim transport, post and logistics services (shipping, postal and logistics) hit 38,750 employees from eight destinations; ICT manpower hit 7,098 employees from four bodies; and 9,975 volunteers served the elderly and worked in guidance, pilgrims relations, translation, and in the health and media.
[Statistical Methodology for Counting Pilgrims Numbers]
The General Authority for Statistics said it uses a comprehensive counting method for all local pilgrims; using centers located at the entrances to the city of Mecca, the Authority counts the actual pilgrims inside. Foreign pilgrims are counted by the General Directorate of Passports, as mentioned previously, whose employees are present at all ports—land, sea and air. In addition, pilgrims from the city of Mecca are assessed by the General Authority for Statistics in periodic surveys.
President of the General Authority for Statistics HE Dr. Fahad bin Sulaiman Altekhaifi thanked all security and governmental personnel conducting its Hajj mission this year. He praised the contributions made by more than 520 field researchers from the General Authority for Statistics, who completed the tasks assigned to them in the Hajj this year after working around the clock from the first of this month until today’s sunset (Day of Arafat).
At the conclusion of all work related to GASTAT’s pilgrimage statistics program, the Authority prays that Allah accept the pilgrimage of all who came to Hajj, and to reconcile the efforts of all security and government agencies, plus all others in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia who provide outstanding services for pilgrims.


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