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The General Authority for Statistics (GASTAT) Releases "Saudi Youth in Numbers" Report for the World Youth Day 2020

On Sanday 19 Thu AL-Hijjah 1441 H corresponding to August 9, 2020, The General Authority for Statistics (GASTAT) has released a special report for the World Youth Day 2020 titled "Saudi Youth Report in Numbers", which includes (population, social, economic, educational, health, cultural and recreational) statistics of Saudi youth.

GASTAT confirmed in its statistical report based on its data that young Saudis of the age group (15-34 years) represent 36.7% of the total Saudi population; the majority of young males in the age group (20-24 years) represent 27.6%. on the other hand, the percentage of young females in the age groups (20-24 years) and (25-29 years) is 26.2% . The percentage of children and youth in the Saudi population in 2020 represents 67%.

The percentage of young male and female who have never been married in the age group (15-34) years was 66.23%.; where 75.6% of males have never been married, and 50.4% of them were in the age group (15-34 years), while the percentage of unmarried females in the age group (25-34) was 43.1%. Additionally, the percentage of married females was (34.3%), divorced females in this age group was 1.27%, and the percentage of widows was 0.5%, report showed.

The report indicated that the ratio of Saudi youth (15-34 years) who suffer from chronic diseases to the total Saudi population amounted to 5.5%, where the percentage of males reached 5.8%, and the percentage of females was 5.2%. The report also indicated that most Saudi females practice sports to improve their health, but for males they practice it for physical fitness and recreation.



Illiteracy rate has significantly declined among Saudi youth in the age group 15-34 years compared to 2007--2017, and this decrease is attributed to the decrease in the illiteracy rate of females in particular, report showed.

The report showed that the majority of Saudi youth are not facing any difficulties during their learning journey, with a similar percentage between males and females which is about 68%.  Moreover, the transition rate in secondary education for Saudis in 2019 was 99.8%.

The report confirmed that in 2019, the number of employed Saudi youth, whose ages ranged from 15 to 34 years, reached 1,489,520 workers, representing around 47% of the total number of Saudi employees.

It is worth mentioning that the General Authority for Statistics (GASTAT) is the official and only statistical reference for statistical data and information in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it carries out all the statistical work and responsible for the technical supervision of the statistical sector, design and implementation of field surveys, conducting statistical studies and research, analyzing data and information, and all the works of documenting and preserving information as well as the statistical data that cover all aspects of life in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from its multiple sources. It is also responsible for codifying, classifying, analyzing and extracting its statistical indicators.


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