04 Dec 2023

Last update 20 / 01 / 2021

Statistics: The results of the labor market survey will be released during the coming period, due to the importance of the target period, and more reviews

The General Authority for Statistics (GASTAT) would like to point out that the Labor Force Survey (LFS) is one of the most important statistical products the Authority is committed to publish according to the dates specified in the Statistical Calendar.  The delay on the announcement of the third Quarter of  Labor Force Survey is due the GASTAT’s commitment to ensure that the data collected and procedures followed on the information provided by  participants, who reached 33 thousand  households within the COVID restrictions period, are up to the standards GASTAT is committed to.

GASTAT affirms that the period of Q3 2020 where the COVID pandemic and its repercussions related to had an impact on the economy that affected the Saudi Labor Market in terms of labor stability, Job loss, job availability. The review of the data and their validity is extended in order to carry out a thorough analysis of the data. GASTAT will inform the public about the new release date in due course.

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