Sun, 04 12 1443 | 03 Jul 2022

GASTAT Wins Practical and Institutional Excellence Award in Spending Efficiency


The General Authority for Statistics won the Practical and Institutional Excellence Award in Spending Efficiency within the initiatives pillar to classify periodic monthly reports submitted to the Government Expenditure and Projects Efficiency Authority.  The award was given in recognition of the outstanding efforts made by GASTAT in improving the quality of statistical projects, infrastructure planning, programs, initiatives and operations of the financial budget. In addition to achieving measurement indicators and standards in policies, plans and strategies relevant to the impact of expenditure, completing the applicable statutory procedures and continuously improving them, and adopting international best practices along with related technical applications in the statistical field through the formation of a working team in GASTAT under the name of “Spending Efficiency Team”.
The team is in charge to prepare monthly periodic reports and to follow up on the relevant mechanisms and standards.  It also organizes the study of spending on projects, programs and initiatives in the statistical field and related financial aspects over the medium and long term, and their alignment with the financial sustainable goals for the coming years.
In the presence of the Vice President Operations, Mr. Mohammad Al-Rasheed and the Spending Efficiency Team, Mr. Ahmed Al-Arini, Director General of Financial Affairs received the award on behalf of GASTAT. He thanked the Government Expenditure and Projects Efficiency Authority for its encouragement in such initiatives and programs that significantly contribute to achieving the future aspirations of Vision 2030. 

GASTAT is the only official statistical reference for statistical data and information in Saudi Arabia. It carries out all the statistical work, in addition to the technical oversight of the statistical sector. It also designs and implements field surveys, conducts statistical studies and researches, analyzes data and information, in addition to documenting and archiving all works of information and statistical data that cover all aspects of life in Saudi Arabia from its multiple sources. Data are written, classified, and analyzed; their indicators are extracted as well.