22 May 2024

Last update 26 / 01 / 2023

GASTAT joins Gulf statistical agencies in celebrating Gulf Statistics Day

The GCC countries celebrate the Gulf Statistics Day, which is marked on 24 December 2022 under the theme "Statistics for Sustainable Opportunities". The event comes within the framework of enhancing the statistical work aimed at providing statistical data that support development plans and achieve the goals of development visions of the GCC countries.

The GCC Statistics Day is an important occasion in which the statistical bodies, centers and offices of the GCC countries renew their interest in statistical work and confirm its vital role in setting plans and programs for comprehensive sustainable development.

  It is worth mentioning that the Saudi statistical work has started in a very early era of the Saudi development history. It has started in 1349H /1930 and became an organized work that refers technically and administratively to the General Statistics System issued by the Royal Decree No. (23) dated 7/12/1379H -1/6/1960. The General Statistics System has played a vital role to organize the statistics sector by controlling the relationship between the Central Department of Statistics and Information and other agencies, until the issuance of the Royal Decree in 1436H to transform the Central Department of Statistics and Information into a public authority called the General Authority for Statistics which enjoys a legal personality, and financial and administrative independence.

In 1437H, the organization of the General Authority for Statistics was approved, whose articles stated that the General Authority for Statistics is the entity that shall be responsible for technical and organizational supervision of the statistics sector and shall form a comprehensive system of national statistical databases for various fields. The Authority has been entrusted with organizing and supervising the statistical sector, in order to enable it and enhance its awareness.

During the 141st session of the Ministerial Council of GCC which was held in Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain in 24 November 2016, a day for the Gulf Statistics Day was allocated to be held every year. The importance of this day is emphasizing the partnership of society in all its categories with statisticians, and shedding light on the vital role played by statistics in achieving sustainable development in the GCC countries. It also shows the strategic role played by the Gulf statistical system in making decisions and building development policies.

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