15 Jun 2024

Last update 8 / 02 / 2023

Total expenditure on research and development in Saudi Arabia reaches 14.5 billion in 2021

General Authority for Statistics issued on its official website www.stats.gov.sa today, 8 February 2023, the research and development statistics publication for 2021. Based on the results of the publication, total expenditure on research and development amounted to 14.5 billion SAR, while the numbers of workers in this field reached 30,220 workers, and the number of researchers recorded 24,808 researchers during 2021.

The government sector recorded the highest percentage in terms of expenditure on research and development by (50%) of total expenditure, followed by the private sector by (35%). As for the education sector, the percentage of expenditure reached (15%).
However, the workers in the education sector achieved the largest percentage in the field of research and development, reaching (83%), with 25,178 workers. At the level of the government sector, the number of workers recorded 2,967 workers, with (10%) of total workers; while the private sector ranked last with 2,075 workers by (7%) during 2021, according to the publication.

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