18 Jun 2024

Last update 13 / 11 / 2023

GASTAT signs MoC with Saudi Broadcasting Authority

General Authority for Statistics has signed a memorandum of cooperation(MoC) with Saudi Broadcasting Authority, aimed at enhancing cooperation between the two entities and promoting coordination and integration of efforts in their respective fields. The (MoC) was signed by Dr. Fahad Aldossari, President of the General Authority for Statistics, and Mr. Mohammed Fahad Al-Harthi, CEO of the Saudi Broadcasting Authority.

It includes several areas of collaboration, including the exchange of support and technical and scientific expertise, cooperation in conducting statistical surveys related to providing statistical data and indicators for the media and advertising market, viewership rates, and viewer satisfaction. It also includes the exchange of advice, including research and studies, and the provision of opportunities for employees of both parties to participate in training courses, seminars, scientific conferences, and workshops organized by each party.


In this context, Dr. Fahad Aldossari, the President of the General Authority for Statistics, emphasized that the statistical work carried out by the Authority is an important component in achieving the goals of Saudi Vision 2030 by building statistical indicators and measuring them. He pointed out that the media sector receives great attention due to its pivotal role and its effective contribution in enhancing knowledge and building awareness among society towards various sectors and their work, including the General Authority for Statistics and its role in providing statistical data and indicators. He added that this (MoC) will support both entities in fulfilling their roles.

Mr. Mohammed bin Fahd Al-Harithi, CEO of the Saudi Broadcasting Authority, affirmed that this (MoC) emphasizes the importance of integration between government entities, which positively reflects on the success of joint work. It also supports the strategy of the Authority in enhancing cooperation with other government entities to keep up with the process of development and change that the Authority is going through.


It is worth mentioning that the General Authority for Statistics is the statistical Authority in the Kingdom, and the only official reference for implementing statistical work, as well as its technical and regulatory supervisor. It has multiple tasks, including collecting statistical data and information from public and private entities and individuals, analyzing and studying this data to calculate various statistical indicators, as well as providing statistical consultations and reports for surveys, research, and other data and statistical services within its scope of work.

The Saudi Broadcasting Authority has recently been working on strengthening cooperation with government entities in various sectors, keeping pace with the development witnessed by the Kingdom in all fields. The Authority is dedicating all its efforts to anything that enhances the Kingdom's position and highlights the continuous work to achieve the ambitious Vision 2030, which is inseparable from the roles of active media entities.

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