21 Jul 2024

Last update 31 / 12 / 2023

GASTAT 45.8 % of employees (18 years and over) in KSA work for more than 40 hours a week

The General Authority for Statistics issued the publication of health and safety at work statistics for the year 2023 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The publication showed that 45.8% of employees in the Kingdom work for more than 40 hours per week, and 39.6% of employees work for 40 hours per week on average. The actual working hours per day for employees is 8 hours.
The percentage of employees who have been trained on health and safety procedures at work reached 46.6%, while the percentage of employees who have a dedicated health and safety department at their workplace reached 48.7%.
The most common risks faced by employees are standing for long periods of at least four hours daily with a percentage of 28.21%, sitting on a chair for long periods exceeding three continuous hours with a percentage of 28.15%, and moving the upper limbs repeatedly for long periods with a percentage of 17.1%.

7.8% of employees directly or indirectly deal with chemical substances, medical waste, radioactive materials, or toxic gases, while 6.3% of employees face risks such as electrical risks, machinery risks, or drowning.
The percentage of employees who have coverage for basic healthcare reached 89.7%. The most common work-related health issue in the past 12 months is "work-related stress" with a percentage of 3.2%, while 83.5% of employees do not suffer from any work-related health issues.

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