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«Saudi Arabia statistics» progress of the Shura its strategic plan in the transition to an independent body

Department of Statistics (formerly the General Authority for Statistics currently) members of the Committee of Economy and Energy Shura Council presented its strategic plan in the transition to an independent body, it came after a discussion of the Council's annual report to the Department of Statistics in the past general. Put some members of the Saudi Shura Council at their session yesterday, a number of views on the Department of Statistics report in the past year, comes at a time when the Department of Statistics turned into a public body for the census, a decision of the Council of Ministers about five weeks ago. In this regard, an informed source revealed «Middle East» yesterday that the General Administration of Statistics in Saudi Arabia will achieve its objectives through the provision of statistics and data and information and high-quality indicators, as all categories of beneficiaries of government agencies and enterprises and private individuals to various statistical areas (demographic, social, economic and environmental and cultural), so take advantage of them in the planning of development work. He said the same source, that the members of the Committee of Economy and Energy Shura Council, briefed on the strategic plan for the benefit of former public statistics, which will be applied in the transition to an independent body, where this plan is based on two major dimensions, namely: the beneficiary of the government agencies, private facilities, and members of service , in addition to high quality. The source said: «These two dimensions that contained five axes of development is the strategy based on the beneficiaries service, and statistical products and services of surveys and research, and methodology of statistical work and procedures, and the development of technical infrastructure for the development of statistical work, and the culture of the organization and capacity building, and restructuring and governance work». He pointed to the same source, to ensure that all the focus of a lot of projects and initiatives in accordance with the time schedule of expected Ontsem in a qualitative leap for statistical work in Saudi Arabia. , The Commission asked for the economy and energy Shura Council, during yesterday's session, the Department of Statistics to expedite the transition to Algiomkana Statistical System, to complete the basic structure of the Standard Rules Spatial Information National, and requiring all government agencies to provide information and data for the project automated link system information, on the bases technical and schedule required by the project. It also demanded the development of budgets for projects, statistical surveys and the transition to Algiomkana statistical system, in order to provide sufficient flexibility to spend it to be completed in the time required. During the session, Mohammed al-Mutairi student, information about the project to shift Algiomkana Statistical System, and hoped to provide this information to evaluate the project and support the necessary recommendations. He called Dr. Saeed Sheikh Department of Statistics to develop its website, providing information on the raw data, researchers can use the form and interested. While Dr. Mohammed Al Naji said during his speech that the Department of Statistics is still using an older scientific techniques, while Dr. Mansour Alkredes stressed the importance of a survey of the workforce in Saudi Arabia every three months, adding that the workforce have statistics of special importance require monitored on a quarterly Yearly dynamic response to changing realities. He suggested Dr. Abdullah Al-Harbi, establishment of a national data bank and information, and cooperation with the statistics departments at universities to build partnerships and specialized rehabilitation of the cadres of interest, and to cooperate with the Shura Council to find a center for public opinion polls and trends. Saudi Shura Council session saw yesterday, to approve the proposal to add two paragraphs fourth and fifth articles of the health system, introduced from Dr. Mona Al-Mushayt and decided Shura Council approval of some «model contract public construction» prepared in light of those amendments and recycled to the Shura Council for consideration in accordance with amendments introduced by the Government on a number of competitions and the government procurement system and project materials to article 17 of the system board. These developments come after an extraordinary economic steps, which decided the Saudi Council of Ministers about five weeks ago, converting Department of Statistics to the general body of the census, and in this regard, said the engineer will be launched after ninety days from the date of its publication in the Official Gazette », pointing out that the decision inception keen Adel Faqih, Saudi Minister of Economy and Planning said that «introduction of the new organization of the General Authority for Statistics wise leadership to support statistical track, and translates what looks to him and rulers of the quest towards the further development of service facilities, especially what has to do with the affairs of statistics, data and information, and that to cope with change and successive development in all economic fields, especially after the establishment of the Council of Economic Affairs and Development. He noted architect jurist as given to the Department of Statistics and Information before converted to body care cream and high-Care of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, and the Crown Prince and Crown Crown, to play its role in the provision of statistical data which contribute to strengthening the country's economy and development in various fields. The Minister of Economy and Planning, Saudi Arabia, that the issuance of this decision was an extension of a lot of decisions, orders and directives of the High precious to support and enhance many of the sectors of government turning to independent bodies proved right those decisions and effectiveness in view of the data that touched and experienced Staff of those sectors and the beneficiaries of its services. He Engineer Faqih hoped to be in the issuance of this wise decision motivation and incentive to tender wealthy achieve what the new body to aspire in their plans and programs and keep pace with the size of the aspirations of the beneficiaries of their services, adding that «this organization, which consists of 28 articles provision in Article II that arise General body called the General Authority for Statistics and enjoy public legal personality and financial and administrative independence, and organizationally linked with the Minister of Economy and Planning ». And that the new regulation provides for the formation of the Governing Council of the Commission headed by the Minister of Economy and Planning, and the membership of the Chairman of the Authority, and a number of members who represent some of the relevant government agencies and a representative of the Council of Saudi Chambers, and two representatives of specialists work of the Commission. According to Faqih that the purpose of the establishment of the Authority is to organize and activate the statistical work in Saudi Arabia, through the preparation of a comprehensive, accurate and unified national statistical system and follow up on its implementation, and the development of plans and programs necessary to meet the statistical needs, service development plans, scientific research and various activities. The Minister of Economy and Planning of Saudi that the new organization stressed that «the General Administration of Statistics» responsible for statistics in Saudi Arabia, is the only official statistical reference for the implementation of statistical work system and technical supervisor and regulator to him, a jurisdiction that conducts surveys, as it is the research and studies and dissemination of the results of the different areas statistical, and it is in relation to the conditions of the community and its activities. Engineer jurist considered that the Council of Ministers to ensure that the decision of the Board of Directors shall review the general statistics of the state system, and suggest what would need to be in, and submit it according to regular procedures


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