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"GaStat" Conducting 7 Workshops with 84 Government Entities


"GaStat" Conducting 7 Workshops with 84 Government Entities

The General Authority for Statistics "GaStat" is conducting several multi-purpose workshops with 84 government entities beginning from Sunday the Fifteenth of Sh'aban, for a period of seven days in Riyadh city. These workshops comes as the result of the efforts of "GaStat" to develop the statistical sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the compatibility of the Government sectors' indicators with the 2030 Saudi Vision goals.

GaStat's official spokesman , taiseer Almofarrej explained that the statistical sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is composed of the General Authority for Statistics as a central system that is responsible for enabling statistical work and comprehensiveness, and an integrated system of all statistical departments, units and sections in other bodies, where the statistical information in its comprehensive concept, forms  the output of the statistical sector in the Kingdom. The general statistics' system included the allocation of a department or a section in each government entity that would be responsible for  the collection of the statistics related to the work of these Ministries or agencies.

The formation of the General Authority for Statistics had been issued recently, and stressed the Authority's role as a technical supervisor and organizer of the statistical sector.  Also, it is responsible for the formation of a comprehensive system of national statistical databases  in different fields.  This can be done through creating a central information centre on the national level, and directing the information centers and statistical departments in government entities  to work on the electronic connection between them and the Authority in order to facilitate the flow of statistical data and information.

Almofarrej asserted that the development of the information and statistical sector is getting a great interest from leaders of all entities due to its importance in decision-making and policy-making . Also, its role in the designing of the programs and projects, and its importance in monitoring the progress and assessing the effects and performance. From these starting points, the workshop gathers the General Authority for Statistics with 48 government entities that includes ministries, authorities, government institution and a number of universities and research centers that aims to evaluate the mechanisms  and the activation of communicating with government statistical sector. It also seeks to reach strategies that support the activation of the government statistical sector. Each workshop will address the subject of a specific sector and it includes: national income, trade, industry and investment, education, health, manpower, population and vital statistics and energy sector. Each workshop discusses the determinants of the of statistical work, the current situation of statistical units in relevant government entities, and recommendations for improvement. 

The General Authority for Statistics stressed that the statistical transformation in the Kingdom requires work to meet the needs of clients in the private and government sector . It also requires the establishment of an effective partnership with all relevant parties, on all national, regional and international levels. furthermore, it requires working on creating the necessary indicators for future and current needs.