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Population characteristics survey

GASTAT works on obtaining national statistical indicators in all fields to reach realistic indicators that reflect the real situation to be adopted in improving policies and taking decisions and providing suitable services for people, institutions, or various sectors. Therefore, GASTAT conducts this analytic report of the basic findings of Population Characteristics Survey. This is the fifth survey supervised by the Department of Population and Vital Statistics through conducting a series of demographic surveys since 2000 with the last survey conducted in 2017. 



Date of survey

14/4/2017 – 18/5/2017

Population characteristics survey

33575 families

Every three years

Field researchers from GASTAT

The Population Characteristics Survey form includes a number of main sections to be filled in by "tablet" in nearly - 60-65 minutes. The form includes:

1) Questions regarding the fundamental characteristics of the individual, education, occupational and marital status and fertility and mortality rate.

2) Questions regarding new issues about population, and individuals in domestic households.

1) Providing data and indicators regarding the population characteristics pertaining to the population within Saudi Arabia (Saudi and non-Saudi) all over the administrative regions, such as:
Crude mortality rate in addition to the age-specific and gender-specific mortality rates.
Total fertility rate in addition to the age-specific fertility rates.
The normal growth rates and natural increase in Saudi population.
Population age and gender structure
Population distribution according to marital and educational status.
Indicators of marriage and divorce levels
2) Providing required data and indicators for preparing evaluations and Population Projections through:
Data pertaining to age and gender structure of the population.
Data appertaining to fertility rate and type.
Data appertaining to mortality rates.
3)Making comparison between the demographic indicators made out of previous surveys and population and housing census 1431H (2010)
4)Updating the data base of the population.
5)Providing population data and indicators periodically for measuring the change in the demographic characteristics with the passage of time, and for carrying out local, regional and international comparisons.

The survey covers all the administrative regions of Saudi Arabia by using a sample of households in these regions based on the updated framework of the census for year 1431H (2010). The administrative regions are divided into thirteen regions as follows:
5.Eastern Region
9.Northern Borders

1.Scope: Identifying the statistical requirements, and determining the possible solutions
2.Design: Designing all subsequent steps of the statistical process.
3.Organization: Preparing and testing all statistical work procedures
4.Collection: Data collection and verification.
5.Categorization: Data processing for converting data from initial data to statistical data.
6.Review: Results verification and explanation.
7.Publishing: Preparing outputs for publishing
8.Evaluation: Conducting a comprehensive evaluation of all stages of the statistical process.
9.Administration: Administering all steps of the statistical process continuously.

صفحات وعي إحصائي: 
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Population Characteristics Survey Form
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Population Characteristics Survey mechanism, methodology, and fieldwork timeframe
More than 358 field researchers to collect data from more than 33,000 households in the Population Characteristics Survey to promote the developmental plans.
Your answer to the field surveyor questions in Population Characteristics Survey promotes the economic and social development.
Your cooperation with GASTAT field workers to obtain data of the Population Characteristics Survey aids decision makers in setting plans for future projects.
Sensing the importance of the information and data recorded in Population Characteristics Survey enhances comprehensive national development.
Continuing to provide statistics and data.. For the sake of advanced economy and comprehensive national development
Dear citizen; giving accurate data and information to field researcher is a national duty
All statistical surveyors have valid official ID cards and officially authorized to collect data to be kept and dealt with high confidentiality.
The data provided by the household regarding its economy in the Population Characteristics Survey.. help in development processes in different social, educational, health and economic fields and others
The Population Characteristics Survey helps in providing indicators and statistics for helping decision-makers in a way that corresponds to the Saudi Vision 2030